Travel guide - destinations, hotels, restaurants, culture, history - take your trip around the world Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:18:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Ancient Villa Armira near Ivaylovgrad /2013/11/18/ancient-villa-armira-near-ivaylovgrad/ /2013/11/18/ancient-villa-armira-near-ivaylovgrad/#comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:00:11 +0000 /?p=832 Ancient villa Armira is located 4km. west of Ivaylovgrad. It was discovered during construction work for the dam in 1964, archaeological excavations were conducted under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Janka Mladenova, and later by Prof. Dr. Gergana Kabakchieva from the National Archaeological Institute and Museum at BAN.

Ancient villa was erected in the river valley Armira, a tributary of the Arda river, in the second half of the first century A.D. On behalf of the river is called “Villa reinforced”. Beautiful scenery, fertile soil and mild climate have created excellent conditions for life.

Villa Armira is one of the earliest and most accurately dated villa complexes from the Roman era, studied in Bulgaria. She is an outstanding architectural monument from 2000 years ago. This is the most sumptuously decorated private house (palace) of the Roman period, discovered in the Bulgarian lands. The villa was a center of land tenure, founded by Thracian rich aristocratic family. Excavations of the mound near the village of Great Svirachi in 2001-2002 contributed greatly to the proof of Thracian origin of the founding her first its ruler was the successor of a Thracian king (bazilevs). He received for service to the Roman power status of a Roman citizen and thus has acquired the right to create a holiday farm which is still organized in the 50 ~ 70 years of the first century A.D. That is only about twenty years after the final conquest of Thrace of Rome.

Place to build a house (home owners) has been specially selected. It corresponds to sprout up on such constructions described in the ancient Roman authors Varon and Columbia, research found that say that a house must be built up big time, but not on the road, in a beautiful area, near water, in the southern slope and the important to good neighbors. The Roman way of setting up a farm cottage and implementation of the architecture of Roman palaces of the Mediterranean, does not dispute the Thracian origin of its rulers and their belonging to the Thracian aristocracy.

Ancient Villa Armira was erected on an area of ​​3600 square meters on this area are residential building owners and garden for relaxation and walks. In the southeastern corner of the building was built and a balcony from which residents of the villa and their guests have enjoyed the beautiful scenery and river. This ancient architectural complex existed from 50-70 years of the I century A.D. to 378 years A.D. when it was destroyed during the Gothic War. Then the house was burned after the battle of Handrianopol (modern Edirne, Turkey) on 9 August 378 years. Sam Roman Emperor Valens found dead from wounds in battle, somewhere near Hadrianopol.

The holiday farm-rich Thracian family covered the entire valley of the river Armira which is the last tributary of the Arda River. It flows into it at Kyprinos on Greek territory. Economic affluence of the owners of the house space in River Valley Armira was based not only on agricultural production received many fertile lands around. More in the creation of the villa were discovered and developed careers quality, white marble and stone. At the beginning of marble was used for decorating house itself and from that time dates the mosaics in the corridors around the pool and the bottom. At the same time was wonderful and made with exquisite colonnade bases, columns and capitals in the Roman Corinthian style in the peristyle.

part of “ Мagnificence of Armira” , Gergana Kabakchieva

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Where does the money go on New Year? /2013/01/18/where-does-the-money-go-on-new-year/ /2013/01/18/where-does-the-money-go-on-new-year/#comments Fri, 18 Jan 2013 13:35:59 +0000 /?p=779 Posted here was an interesting infographic on the goods and services people spend on during the New Year’s holidays, but unfortunately it went down the drain for some reason.


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Traveling habits of Americans – infographic /2012/11/19/travelling-habits-of-americans-infographic/ /2012/11/19/travelling-habits-of-americans-infographic/#comments Mon, 19 Nov 2012 07:53:46 +0000 /?p=771 A friend of mine just notified me about an interesting travel-related infographic, revealing the type and scopes of New Year’s Eve traveling habits of Americans. As one might expect, the most desired New Year destination is New York, which is no surprise, since that’s the “Neversleeping city” . It is also interesting to mention, that almost two-thirds of Americans do not own a passport (which automatically limits their travel destinations to USA only).
No need to comment more, as the infographic speaks for itself:

new year travel v4 New Year Travel Infographic



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Loving life on the P&O Oriana /2012/10/04/loving-life-on-the-po-oriana/ /2012/10/04/loving-life-on-the-po-oriana/#comments Thu, 04 Oct 2012 07:12:17 +0000 /?p=764 Cruise ships these days need to work hard to distinguish themselves from their rivals that offer quality packages and trips to exceptionally delightful parts of the world at various times of the year. For P&O and particularly the Oriana, the unique selling points are the rarefied atmosphere that you will tend to find on-board. There’s nothing to say that you can’t relax, kick back and thoroughly enjoy yourself on-board but there is also an undeniably dignified air of sophistication that pervades the vessel in the evenings. There is often in fact a real sense of occasion at certain times and when guests get together to enjoy what tends to be some extraordinarily tasty foods.

The ship was initially launched back in 1995 but it has of course been quite extensively overhauled at certain times since then, most recently in 2011 when it was given a multi-million pound refurbishment. But the basic spirit of quality and refinement remains and the Oriana is still among the UK’s most popular adults-only cruise ships. Of course, it isn’t all about what’s going on on-board that make the Oriana or any cruise ship a hit with discerning consumers because everyone wants the chance to see somewhere spectacular during their trip. For the Oriana that can mean visiting anywhere from North America to the Scandinavian fjords. Excursions on land are always great fun if you’re ever in the mood to explore and you’ll have every encouragement to let down your hair and have a good dance in the evenings.

However, if P&O’s cruises aren’t quite your cup of tea then you should perhaps look into the options you can choose from this year and next about the various Celebrity Cruise vessels that are setting sail. Prices aren’t nearly as high as you might imagine on what tend to be exceptionally sophisticated cruise experiences.


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France tours /2012/08/09/france-tours/ /2012/08/09/france-tours/#comments Thu, 09 Aug 2012 14:01:24 +0000 /?p=757 When we speak about tourism and tour attractions one of the countries that so often comes to our mind is France. Describing the country with a couple of words is very difficult, it’s almost impossible. It is not a chance that France is one of the most popular tour destinations of the world. This wonderful country is full of exotic natural beauties and breathtaking landscapes. There are not so many places all over the world where you can expect to see wonderful museums, spectacular monuments and mountains.

Although France is located in Western Europe, it has always been the heart of Old continent. There are so many parts of the country that deserve to be seen and visited.

Of course you can start with the lovely city of Paris. It’s not enough to say that Paris is fascinating, historic, stylish, cultural, memorable, artistic and romance city. And also don’t forget that it’s a fashion and culinary capital of the world. The attractions that you can not afford to miss are the Eiffel Tour, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles Palace, the Orsay Museum, the Pantheon, etc.

Another popular French city better known for the international film festival that take place each year is Cannes. Here also take place some trade fairs, innumerable shows and exhibitions.

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in France, Dijon features high up on the list of popular France destinations. This city survived allied bombing during the Second World War and thus has the most well preserved buildings that date back to several centuries. Dijon is also known for its rich tradition in music and fine arts.

Lyon is a city in the east central France and is the third largest city in France and is a major centre of business and at the same time is also quite reputed as the French capital of culinary delights and also plays an important role in the fantastic world of French cinema. Lyon is also famous for its numerous churches and cathedrals. This city enjoys the highest tourist influx in the entire nation of France.

Reims is one of the great centers of Champagne production in the country. In fact, most of the Champagne producing houses have their centre of operations in Reims. It is one of the popular cities of the country as tourists visit this place every year.

Corsica is a very popular destination of France and is quite naturally visited by a large number of tourists almost every year. This place is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is politically considered to be a part of Metropolitan France. Corsica is a historically rich place and is widely known all over as the birthplace of Napolean Bonaparte. This island is blessed with a pleasant climate, beautiful mountains and a magnificent coastline.

Talking about France and its attractions, it’s impossible to miss the festivals, hot activities and events. A few of the festivals and events in France have with time become a part of the culture of France. Among the most popular events are Launch of the Beaujolais Nouveau, Museums by Night, Armistice Day, Music Festival.


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Archaeological tourism /2012/07/12/archaeological-tourism/ /2012/07/12/archaeological-tourism/#comments Thu, 12 Jul 2012 08:55:19 +0000 /?p=754 The definition of archaeological tourism is: A form of cultural tourism, which aims to promote public interest in archaeology and the conservation of historical sites. (Wikipedia)
Nowadays the popularity of archaeological tourism is increasing rapidly. The number of people that visit archaeological sites rises every year. Archaeological tourism is at the same time educational and fun. Among the best sellers of the tourist companies you can see destinations as Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Peru, etc.

In Egypt tourists can choose between Egypt’s oldest pyramids, rock-cut tombs of Beni Hassan, the monumental sculptures of Ramses II, the richest concentration of historical sites in the world, including the awesome Temple of Amun at Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple.

Greece can offer a trip in the past, to the birthplace of science and the great growth of the arts. You can travel 3500 years back in time visiting places as the Acropolis of Athens, but mainly in the area of Peloponnese: ancient Olympia, ancient Epidaurus (with its famous theatre), Mycenae, Nafplion, Sparta and ancient Nemea. And last but not least Tripoli of Arcadia, situated in the heart of the ancient world, in the centre of the Peloponnese.

All the countries with archaeological and ancient historical sites can offer you unforgettable trips.

What is important before joining archaeological tour is to read up about the famous sights in advance. You should know what you are looking at. It’s important to know also the law. Government officials will only continue to permit archaeology trips to known sites, if the tourists agree to abide by the laws governing these historical venues.

The most important people in each trip are the guides. They can make or break your trip. Some local guides are excellent but many have no real training and simply follow a dull repetitive spiel. Ask the tour company how big is the group. In most of the cases when you pay less for a trip, it means that you are a part of very large group. In this case it’s unlikely that the guide will have the time or energy to listen to you, talk to you personally, or make you feel special in any way. That’s why it’s good also to make a research about the experience of the tour company.

Don’t forget to dress appropriately! Wear comfortable shoes because you may be climbing pyramids or walking on treacherous ground; sneakers or hiking boots are your best bet. The sun may be very strong, so it’s a good idea to cover up and wear a hat and sunglasses. You can get a sunscreen even on cloudy days and depending on the site you’re visiting, you may be well advised to use insect repellent as well. This is especially true for sites located in the jungle.

Probably you won’t be allowed to take any kind of food with you, but don’t forget to take a bottle of water.

A really interesting place to see if you are anywhere near Ivaylovgrad, Bulgaria, is the ancient Roman Villa Armira reviewed here.

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Mountain Holiday /2012/07/11/mountain-holiday/ /2012/07/11/mountain-holiday/#comments Wed, 11 Jul 2012 13:46:42 +0000 /?p=750 The most popular time of the year for going on holiday is summer. We are waiting and dreaming for the perfect vacation. But sometimes planning the holiday is more exciting than the holiday itself.

Most of the people prefer to spend their summer holidays on the seaside. They spend hours laying on the sand under the sun. Usually these people like crowded and noisy places and relax while having fun. But there are also some people that love mountains. They love to take a walk along the paths, they love climbing and mountain biking.

The decision for the summer holiday usually depends on how the people like to relax.

What do you really get when you go on a mountain holiday?

Spending a week in the mountains is a great way to escape everyday life. Fresh mountain air is well known for its benefits to your overall health. The mountain air helps in the treatment of allergies.

Pure nature, beautiful landscapes and sport; there’s no better way to cleanse your body of all that hard living. It is not surprising that many health resorts and spas are to be found in the mountains.

Of course you can delight on lots of sport activities. Some of the most exciting adventures are paragliding, rafting, caving climbing, horse trekking. Paragliding gives outstanding sensations. To see the world with bird’s eye view is unforgettable. The caving climbing gives you the opportunity to discover the underground world with its mystery. Rafting is a thrilling adventure. A raft holds usually 6 people and is easily maneuvered with the help of paddles.

Those of you who like watching sporting events probably know that many professional athletes see mountain training as a key part of their training and preparation. The mountain air naturally helps improve performance because the thin air stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells, enhancing muscle oxygenation. The benefits of this have been proven to improve performance times when athletes then return to normal altitude.

Climate is another advantage for the mountain summer holidays. Last years everybody talks about global warming. And we can feel it. Summers become warmer and warmer. When it is about 36 degrees C in the valley, it is less then 25 degrees C in the mountain. It depends on the altitude.

For those of you who prefer to relax in one of the many spas, there is an opportunity either to delight on different massages or to swim, or even getting some thermal specialties with healing effects.

A very nice attraction of the mountains is also the rural tourism. It concentrates on participating in a rural lifestyle. Usually guests are accommodated in very old houses. A part of the experience is also the delicious food prepared by vegetables picked fresh from the garden and seasoned with herbs from nearby forests. Tourists can take part in farm work, prepare some traditional dishes or even milk a cow.

Remember, if you want to make a different summer vacation, you can choose the mountain!

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Where to Find the Sunshine in the Mediterranean? /2012/07/07/where-to-find-the-sunshine-in-the-mediterranean/ /2012/07/07/where-to-find-the-sunshine-in-the-mediterranean/#comments Sat, 07 Jul 2012 13:21:20 +0000 /?p=745 If you are in search for some places that offer fantastic sunshine in the Mediterranean region then get ready to pack your bags. There are so many answers to the question “Where to go for a sunshine?” in the Mediterranean that it is not really possible to list them all. However, there are a few places that are more popular and well-known for their quality of sunshine.

The Canary group of islands in the Mediterranean is a place to visit if sunshine is a necessity for you. These islands have bright sunshine all the year round and this means that you can enjoy your stay there at almost any time of the year. In addition to this group of islands, there are also some others like Lanzarote, Tenerife and Feurteventura. The climate is also quite warm and the sunshine only complements the popularity of the place. Furthermore, each island within the group boasts of its own distinct culture.

Egypt and Greece are two countries highly popular for their mix of modernity and ancient culture. If you are a lover of history and pleasant sunshine then these are the places for you. Some of the monuments of Egypt that you can visit in-between sunbathing sessions include the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak temple. While in Greece, the warm sunshine can be enjoyed along with attractions that are gathered in Ottoman, Byzantine and of course, Roman cultures.

The sunshine at these places is not only inspirational for the mind but also has a good effect on your body. The contact with the sun is highly helpful for the skin and it’s bound to shine and look healthier after some time in this sunshine. These places ensure that the question of where to go for a sunshine in the Mediterranean region simply wouldn’t arise anymore.

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Dancing On Ice Withdrawal? Head to Blackpool! /2012/05/04/dancing-on-ice-withdrawal-head-to-blackpool/ /2012/05/04/dancing-on-ice-withdrawal-head-to-blackpool/#comments Fri, 04 May 2012 20:35:40 +0000 /?p=742 Those missing their Sunday night fix of Dancing On Ice should head to Blackpool to see the amazing Hot Ice show at the Pleasure Beach.

It’s easy to pick up Blackpool hotels for a song, especially when you know where to look. So, pack your best frock and get ready to experience a skating spectacular.

Hot Ice is an award winning show that will literally mesmerise you in your seat. This stunning spectacle features amazing costumes and fabulous lighting effects – as well as world class skaters of course.

Those looking for Blackpool hotels which won’t leave you skating on thin ice with the bank manager should consider Travelodge’s three hotels in Blackpool. Spot on for the Pleasure Beach, location wise, is Blackpool South Promenade, but you also have the nearby Blackpool Central and Blackpool South Shore to choose from.

The Blackpool South Promenade Travelodge is a modern building, with contemporary, simple, fixtures and fittings. With a cool red, white and navy theme, the emphasis is on clean lines and uncluttered areas, as with all Travelodge hotels.

Yet, modern doesn’t have to mean sparse, and you’re sure to find everything that you need to enjoy a great short break. As well as fresh, unfussy rooms, you’ll also benefit from Wi-Fi and a bar café to help to relax and entertain you during your stay.

Should you find yourself inspired by the Hot Ice spectacular, you can give ice skating a go yourself at the Arena ice rink. As well as public skating sessions, you can also choose ‘Learn to Dance’ sessions, if you really want to emulate the Hot Ice pro-skaters.

However you choose to spend your time in Blackpool, you’ll be wanting a comfortable bed to flop into afterwards – and that’s where Travelodge comes in.

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Great value Turkey all inclusive holidays /2012/04/04/great-value-turkey-all-inclusive-holidays/ /2012/04/04/great-value-turkey-all-inclusive-holidays/#comments Wed, 04 Apr 2012 13:17:25 +0000 /?p=729 Turkey is now well established as one the most popular holiday destinations among families from across the UK. The country boasts some of the most stunning beaches and best resorts anywhere within a short-haul flight of British airports. Prices on trips to any number of coastal areas around the country start as low as a few hundred pounds per person for a week-long stay and there is a massive amount to see and enjoy wherever you decide to visit.

If you’ve decided to try Turkey all inclusive holidays are perhaps the best way to make the most of your stay. You can keep a tight grip on your finances but enjoy everything that your resort has to offer, whether that means some delicious food and drink, evening entertainments or interesting excursions. And you can rely on both the weather and a warm welcome so there’s no reason why such a package deal shouldn’t turn out to be one of the best holidays you’ve ever booked.


There are of course however a huge number of choices available to British families looking for sun holidays and plenty of great value offers being made online throughout the year. If you have never spent time in Turkey then you’ll find its coastal areas in particular are amazing places to visit but the same is true of each of the Balearic or Canary Islands as well.

And if you’re keen to save as much money as possible while still landing a terrific package holiday then waiting until almost the last minute before placing your booking can help you grab a real bargain. There are also discounts offered to encourage consumers to book their holidays online, so if you have the opportunity to do so you could shave even more off the costs off your next sunshine getaway.

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