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Where does the money go on New Year?

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Traveling habits of Americans – infographic

A friend of mine just notified me about an interesting travel-related infographic, revealing the type and scopes of New Year's Eve traveling habits of Americans. As one might expect, the most desired New Year destination is New York, which is no surprise, since that's the "Neversleeping city" :). It is also interesting to mention, that almost two-thirds of Americans do not own a passport (which ... Full story
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Loving life on the P&O Oriana

Cruise ships these days need to work hard to distinguish themselves from their rivals that offer quality packages and trips to exceptionally delightful parts of the world at various times of the year. For P&O and particularly the Oriana, the unique selling points are the rarefied atmosphere that you will tend to find on-board. ... Full story
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France tours

When we speak about tourism and tour attractions one of the countries that so often comes to our mind is France. Describing the country with a couple of words is very difficult, it’s almost impossible. It is not a chance that France is one of the most popular tour destinations of the world. This wonderful country is full of exotic natural beauties and breathtaking landscapes. ... Full story
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Archaeological tourism

The definition of archaeological tourism is: A form of cultural tourism, which aims to promote public interest in archaeology and the conservation of historical sites. (Wikipedia) Nowadays the popularity of archaeological tourism is increasing rapidly. The number of people that visit archaeological sites rises every year. Archaeological tourism is at the same time educational and fun. Among the best sellers of the tourist companies you can see ... Full story
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Mountain Holiday

The most popular time of the year for going on holiday is summer. We are waiting and dreaming for the perfect vacation. But sometimes planning the holiday is more exciting than the holiday itself. Most of the people prefer to spend their summer holidays on the seaside. They spend hours laying on the sand under the sun. Usually these people like crowded ... Full story
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Where to Find the Sunshine in the Mediterranean?

If you are in search for some places that offer fantastic sunshine in the Mediterranean region then get ready to pack your bags. There are so many answers to the question “Where to go for a sunshine?” in the Mediterranean that it is not really possible to list them all. However, there are a few places that are more popular and well-known for ... Full story
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Dancing On Ice Withdrawal? Head to Blackpool!

Those missing their Sunday night fix of Dancing On Ice should head to Blackpool to see the amazing Hot Ice show at the Pleasure Beach. It’s easy to pick up Blackpool hotels for a song, especially when you know where to look. So, pack your best frock and get ready to experience a skating spectacular. Hot Ice is an award winning show that will literally ... Full story
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Great value Turkey all inclusive holidays

Turkey is now well established as one the most popular holiday destinations among families from across the UK. The country boasts some of the most stunning beaches and best resorts anywhere within a short-haul flight of British airports. Prices on trips to any number of coastal areas around the country start as low as a few hundred pounds per person for a week-long ... Full story
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Being a day skipper and sailing in style

There are some really outstanding sailing holidays available right now and some of them even offer visitors the opportunity to be a day skipper on-board a perfectly charming vessel as it sets sail around the sublime coasts of Greece and Turkey. In fact, whatever level of seamanship you can claim there are holidays designed to help ... Full story
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