Bulgaria is attracting more tourists each year

Arrivals in Establishments in Bulgaria (all and foreign only) – National Statistical Institute

Bulgaria has been on  the world map of tourists’ attractions for many years and that is no surprise, given the vast majority of natural resources poured in the country. Bulgaria has specific and diverse physical landscape, which provides for a great potential to attract visitors from all parts of the world.

There has been an immense growth in the people arriving in Bulgaria for the past decade, and this could be seen in official figures drawn from the World Bank statistics, as well as the National Statistical Institute. Clearly both domestic and foreign arrivals are showing a steady growth with the domestic visitors taking the lead for the last few years, though the upward tendency is the same for the arrivals from abroad.

There are quite a few major groups of tourist attractions that lead tourists to Bulgaria, namely:

  • Black Sea resorts: the country provides over 350 km of coastline, with beaches, mineral water springs, blue flag winning resorts, etc.

    Arrivals in Bulgaria – World Bank

  • Skiing and other snow sports: there are world class winter resorts such as Pamporovo, Borovets, Bansko, etc.
  • Spa-resorts: Bulgaria has been largely known as a spa destination with its more than 500 natural mineral springs.
  • Historical tourism: Still not very famous, historical tourism is gaining strengths to attract more and more visitors with each year.

Another good reason for the growth of arrivals in Bulgaria are the decreasing travel accommodation prices in the past few years. Different research documents show that Bulgaria is considered to be among the cheapest destinations in Europe. This findings combined with the natural beauty of the country makes a good explanation of the growing number of visitors to Bulgaria.

Latest data for July 2014 show that biggest rise of arrivals was due to 54% increase in business trips, while vacation trips dropped by 11.9%. Bulgaria’s major airport – the Sofia Airport – has served more than 830 000 passengers in Q1 2014, which is a 7.3% increase compared to the same period of 2013.

And that is not a surprise as well, having in mind that the Airport has been undergoing constant renovations in the last years which were intended to make it more confortable for the passengers. The Sofia International Airport Transfers service which all Bulgarian guests might use is delivered following best world standards, at a price that is far below the price in other European countries. All major destinations are covered and one would not find problems going to the skiing resorts like Bansko and Borovets or to their business meeting in the town of Plovdiv or Burgas.

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