How many beers for a minimum wage?

Most of you are already familiar with our drinking guide – Alcohol prices in various countries – but now we’ll bring forward a new interesting study, revealing the secrets of beer prices related to minimum wage in different countries.

Interestingly enough the first place in this European drinking contest goes to Belgium, where the combination of cheap beer and decent minimum wage guarantees you a total of 1028 beers a month (quite an amount we must confess)!

At the bottom of the list is poor Georgia with a score that’s quite a shame: 36 beers a month for the minimum wage.

Most EU member countries vary around 200-500 beers, while former Soviet Republics and Eastern Europe fall below 200 beers for the minimum wage. We are not surprised though, since the living standard in those countries is quite low, and although the beer is cheap, the minimum wage is much lower.

So to summon one should go to Belgium or at least Germany (over 500 beers is a good reason) for a decent beer life.

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