Ancient Villa Armira near Ivaylovgrad

Ancient villa Armira is located 4km. west of Ivaylovgrad. It was discovered during construction work for the dam in 1964, archaeological excavations were conducted under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Janka Mladenova, and later by Prof. Dr. Gergana Kabakchieva from the National Archaeological Institute and Museum at BAN.

Ancient villa was erected in the river valley Armira, a tributary of the Arda river, in the second half of the first century A.D. On behalf of the river is called “Villa reinforced”. Beautiful scenery, fertile soil and mild climate have created excellent conditions for life.

Villa Armira is one of the earliest and most accurately dated villa complexes from the Roman era, studied in Bulgaria. She is an outstanding architectural monument from 2000 years ago. This is the most sumptuously decorated private house (palace) of the Roman period, discovered in the Bulgarian lands. The villa was a center of land tenure, founded by Thracian rich aristocratic family. Excavations of the mound near the village of Great Svirachi in 2001-2002 contributed greatly to the proof of Thracian origin of the founding her first its ruler was the successor of a Thracian king (bazilevs). He received for service to the Roman power status of a Roman citizen and thus has acquired the right to create a holiday farm which is still organized in the 50 ~ 70 years of the first century A.D. That is only about twenty years after the final conquest of Thrace of Rome.

Place to build a house (home owners) has been specially selected. It corresponds to sprout up on such constructions described in the ancient Roman authors Varon and Columbia, research found that say that a house must be built up big time, but not on the road, in a beautiful area, near water, in the southern slope and the important to good neighbors. The Roman way of setting up a farm cottage and implementation of the architecture of Roman palaces of the Mediterranean, does not dispute the Thracian origin of its rulers and their belonging to the Thracian aristocracy.

Ancient Villa Armira was erected on an area of ​​3600 square meters on this area are residential building owners and garden for relaxation and walks. In the southeastern corner of the building was built and a balcony from which residents of the villa and their guests have enjoyed the beautiful scenery and river. This ancient architectural complex existed from 50-70 years of the I century A.D. to 378 years A.D. when it was destroyed during the Gothic War. Then the house was burned after the battle of Handrianopol (modern Edirne, Turkey) on 9 August 378 years. Sam Roman Emperor Valens found dead from wounds in battle, somewhere near Hadrianopol.

The holiday farm-rich Thracian family covered the entire valley of the river Armira which is the last tributary of the Arda River. It flows into it at Kyprinos on Greek territory. Economic affluence of the owners of the house space in River Valley Armira was based not only on agricultural production received many fertile lands around. More in the creation of the villa were discovered and developed careers quality, white marble and stone. At the beginning of marble was used for decorating house itself and from that time dates the mosaics in the corridors around the pool and the bottom. At the same time was wonderful and made with exquisite colonnade bases, columns and capitals in the Roman Corinthian style in the peristyle.

part of “ Мagnificence of Armira” , Gergana Kabakchieva

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