The Town of Hissar – a Preferred Spa Destination

Hissar is a picturesque town located in central Bulgaria in a little valley under the southern slopes of Sredna Gora, near Stara Planina. Hills embraced by forests, mild climate, 22 mineral springs with proven healing characteristics and beautifully arranged parks with over 300 plant species will certainly mesmerize you. The ancient history of the area proves that the unique natural resources of the area inspired people not only to come, but also to settle a number of sites to visit and histories to learn.
The favorable impact of the natural resources in Hissar’s area was well- known to the Romans. After conquering the Thracian province in 46 AD, they established a settlement around the mineral springs. In 293 AD Emperor Diocletian proclaimed the settlement a city and undertook the expansion and fortifying of the fortress walls. Thus the city was named Diocletianopolis – the city of Diocletian. The architectural masterpieces preserved until nowadays from such an old epoch are the main attraction for admirers of Roman historical and cultural heritage in Europe.
Hissar rose to fame as a spa resort due to the healing effect of its numerous mineral springs and its mild climate. There are 22 mineral springs in the town with temperature ranging from 37 ○C to 51 ○C. This is unique not only for Bulgaria, but also for the rest of the world.

The water is of low mineralization, clear, colorless, and pleasant for drinking. The magical springs of Hissar differ from our other resorts in their varied chemical composition, temperature and characteristics. Every spring is known to heal different health problems.

The healing effects of Hissar mineral springs are countless. They lead to a positive outcome in the treatment of kidney, urological, stomach and liver disorders as well as injuries of the locomotive system. In addition, they have a favorable effect on patients with problems of the digestive system, chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer, gall-stones, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, and many others.

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