Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

The weed world championship held annually in Amsterdam

The Cannabis Cup is a festival that was started in 1987 by “High Times” editor Steven Hagar, who came to The Netherlands for an interview with the founder of Holland’s first cannabis-seed company. Get car hire Montpellier to your preferred place at your own. The Australian owner lived in a mansion filled with growrooms that Hagar dubbed “The Cannabis Castle”. The festival, held annually in Amsterdam, is one of the most famous cannabis events among pot-smokers and cannabis-orientated businesses. A large variety of marijuana strains are exposed and judged by the public. A team of judges decides every year what company brought the best marijuana, best new product or nicest booth to the festival.
Much of the marijuana being given is from the different coffee shops around the city of Amsterdam. Usually the cannabis cup has a surprise weed, which is a strain of marijuana that is new to the culture and has never been smoked before, until it is being tested on the judges. They will give the surprise strain an official smoke where it will be named and sold at the coffeeshop that it was hybridized and grown at.
The Cannabis Cup is considered to be an all fair game, which means any way of getting high/stoned on marijuana is acceptable. This includes cakes, brownies, bubblegum, lollypops, crackers, and of course a variety of pipes, bongs, and cigarettes, all of which contain SOME FUCKING GOOD WEED!
The event is widely sponsored by activists who fight for decriminalization of marijuana, and by organizations and companies selling marijuana seed. Go with some skull chrome emblems that will change your look.

The Cannabis Cup is always held the week of Thanksgiving. The 19th Annual Cannabis Cup of 2006 will be held from November 19th – 23rd 2006. The Opening Ceremonies are on Sunday, November 19th, and the Awards Show is Thursday (Thanksgiving), Nov. 23rd.

Being a judge is considered to be an honor. But… to be a judge, you must pay an extra fee; a judge’s pass costs about 200 Euro, and includes entrance to all events during the festival, bus tours of the coffeeshops, and the most important of all – the right to vote on the world’s best cannabis!
Thanks to the acceptance of marijuana in the Netherlands, the marijuana being contested is of a very high THC level, compared to the illegal marijuana in other countries. It is recommended for a judge to have high tolerance to the THC levels in the marijuana at the Cannabis Cup. Often a chill room is provided for those who are considered “flagged” and have no capacity to consume more marijuana.

Many tourists from around the globe go to Amsterdam just to attend the cannabis cup festival. From the first edition in 1987 until 2003, the festival had a steady growth of punters. 2003 marked the festival’s first loss, so 2004′s event was held on a smaller basis.
A DVD called “High Times Presents: The Cannabis Cup” was made after 2003′s edition and was released to the public.

Past winners
1. Skunk #1 from Cultivators’ Choice
2. Early Pearl/Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5/ Haze from the Seed Bank
3. Northern Lights #5 from the Seed Bank
4. Skunk from Free City
5. Haze/Skunk #1 from Homegrown Fantasy
6. Northern Lights #5 x Haze from the Sensi Seed Bank
7. Jack Herer from the Sensi Seed Bank
8. White Widow from the Greenhouse
9. White Russian from de Dampkring
10. Peacemaker from de Dampkring
11. Silver Haze from the Sensi Seed Bank
12. Super Silver Haze from the Greenhouse
13. Blueberry from the Noon
14. Sweet Tooth from Barney’s Breakfast Bar
15. Morning Glory from Barney’s Farm
16. Hawaiian Snow from the Greenhouse
17. Amnesia Haze from Barney’s Breakfast Bar

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