The Roman Thermae in Varna

The situated in the south-eastern party of the present city Varna Roman thermae (balnearia, Balneae and balineae also) are the biggest public, ancient building ever found in Bulgaria, after Perperikon probably. These quite preserved walls are tracing out the imposing dimensions of this building, erected up on about 7000 square meters terrain. The fat walls has been built in specific technology, that take it in turns stone wall and five to six ranges of densely clay bricks. That inside stairs and the vault arch of the doors are shaped by enormous stone blocks, there are still rests at some places from terrific mosaic fragments. They are giving us quite good imagination for the rich decoration of the public building, along with the marble fragments, the capitals and the tiges. walking through the spacious auditoriums, that are natural barrier for the cold air, the visitors of the baths have been entering enormous auditorium, named balnea. Extremely big interest even nowadays gets the heat system, connected with the double ground and special vesicles.
The object is situated at the corner of “San Stefano”str. and ” Khan Krum” str. where you can see also ‘ the Assu of Most Holy Merry’ Temple.


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